Acacia & Glass Storage Containers
Acacia & Glass Storage Containers
Acacia & Glass Storage Containers
Acacia & Glass Storage Containers
Acacia & Glass Storage Containers


Acacia & Glass Storage Containers

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Size:12 oz

Beautiful storage for your pantry staples

When it comes to storage for the kitchen and pantry, everyone is tired of seeing ugly & harmful plastic, aluminum, or synthetic containers. So, let’s do something about it!

These display jars have class in their curves. From the rich solid acacia wood lids, all the way to the borosilicate glass housing - each detail is designed with the highest care and quality.

Set of glass storage jars with wooden lids

Seal them and stack them

These particular jars are purposely shaped to stack on top of one-another, helping you to keep your goods even more orderly, and giving you the freedom of infinite reorganisation combinations!

Stackable glass jars with acacia wood lid

Ultimate Versatility

Fill them with anything you want, whether it's perishables or non perishables, solids or liquids; the acacia lids have a silicone inlay that fits snugly up against the glass rim to form an air-tight seal.

Add a splash of color to your countertop by experimenting with different spices, herbs, beans or only by your imagination and the contents of your home!

With a silicone seal inside every lid & polished glass on the rim, they're 100% moisture-proof and air-tight.

Ergonomically-shaped base & lid makes them easy to stack.

Beautify your kitchen with a practical addition

Extremely resistant to temperature changes (-80°C to 260 °C / -112°F to 500°F) 

Unique patterns & tones in every handmade lid


  • Material: Glass & Acacia Wood
  • Silicone seal
  • Stackable design


  • 12 oz: 4 x 4 in 
  • 22 oz: 6 x 4 in 
  • 32 oz: 8 x 4 in 
  • 42 oz: 10 x 4 in 
  • 52 oz: 12 x 4 in